The love and friendship of our great pyr

In Memory

 Ch Schnee Bar Sir Ben Hobbs

 Left us in a tragedy on September 18, 1987.

by     Carol Hobbs  

Looking back over the short three years it was a treasure and full of great humble memories of a good friend. In March of 1985, Sharon Boele, Pawnee Rock, KS brought to our family Schnee Bar Sir Ben Hobbs a bouncing boy pyrenees. She retained show rights as she new he would make a champion pyr. What excitement it was for me that Ben received his first majors in his first shows in Colorado. The first time out Ben observed the other dogs in his class and moved in very well. The look he gave me at ring side was "How am I doing friend"? There was so much expression in his face to please. The next day out in the ring he seemed to be a pro at it and won all the points. In a few months he ended up in the Salina shows with his complete championship and BOB.   When he was at home he still was a pro at work. We live in an area that is at least 20 miles from a town, a hard to get to place and away from a traveled road.  As Ben was growing up so was our youngest of four children J.D. who was 3 ½ years old. When J.D. was beginning to go outside, Ben took a special interest in the child. We also raised registered cattle and they are always around in corrals. I would always look out and see the dog following the child with his tail wagging in the air. Behind the house we had bulls in the corral and J.D. never knew when there was danger and of course J.D. would adventure to the gate or try to crawl underneath. Ben was always there to change his adventure to something else. Ben never allowed him to get into the pen of cattle even to the day he died. Ben was our babysitter and we could trust a child with the dog even when the dog was in the kitchen in his usual spot and the two young kids pouncing on him as he tried to sleep. Ben would just look up at them with a look of who it was and back to resting. There was a time when we were all in the corral and we found a turtle. We thought we would test the dog to see how he would act when we put J.D. down with the turtle. As fast as a child is, Ben kept himself between the turtle and the child. Soon the child gave up and went on to something else. We knew then that the dog would protect the child from danger and what praise Ben received when he did  well. When Ben would come into the house he was a very gentle giant. I would lie down on the floor and Ben would come bouncing over and put his huge paws around my neck and give me the greatest hug and never once did he hurt me with his weight. I’ll never forget our times together in playing. Ben always made a little noise when you would greet him of his pleasure to see you. There were many times we had to get cattle back into the corral and Ben was there to help me. I knew I could trust him to watch the gate when I went into feed the calves grain, he never would let one pass by him.


On one summer day I got home and I let J.D. out of the car and he took off. Ben came bouncing around the house and I told him to bring J.D. back on the grass in the yard. He immediately took off and brought the child back into the yard and made sure he stayed there. Many times I would look out the window and watch the two play, what a good babysitter Ben was. I will miss his deep bark at nights as he always slept by our bedroom window and during the day by the kitchen door. I could always count on him to be there when danger aroused. I always felt safe when Ben was around. The people that would come marveled at his gentleness. The hardest thing was seeing him laying on the ground not moving, picking him up in tears saying "Ben please come back " Ben was hit in our yard by a fast driver. Ben couldn’t move fast enough to get out of the drivers way. Ch Schnee Bar Sir Ben Hobbs will be missed very much in our home.




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